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Our Iceland Wedding Video, featuring Maru Films

Calling it magnificent just doesn't do it justice. Watch it once. Then watch it again. There is something new and beautiful every time; we know we're biased, but really. We are forever grateful to our insanely talented videographers, Remi & Pui-Yuk, for their vision and dedication to capturing our celebration perfectly. They know their stuff and are the kindest, most tireless and brimming-with-ideas couple you could ever hope to meet. Added bonus: if you check the video out out, you can seeing what the fall in Iceland looks like! There was far more color than we anticipated, the yellows of Colorado aspens speckled with the reds of a Northeast autumn and the vivid green mosses characteristic of Iceland, all blended together and compressed down to a miniature scale, miles and miles of bright three inch high shrubbery covering the ground. 

We WILL be returning to Iceland as a photo-and-video wedding team with these two. Inquire here.