Icelandair offers direct flights to Iceland departing from NYCBoston, Portland, SeattleDenverMinneapolis-St.Paul, Chicago, Orlando and Washington D.C. 

Fares from these locations range from ~450 to 850 USD, depending on season and departure location.

For those flying in to join the festivities from non-US destinations, direct Icelandair flights can be found departing from various locations in the Canada, UK, Europe and Scandinavia.


  • These folks encourage a free stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights as part of your trip to one of 20+ Icelandair destinations - a steal if you're planning to hop the pond for a European honeymoon following your wedding or elopement. 


  • American travelers flying from destination cities without direct flights may find it significantly less expensive to purchase a separate domestic flight to an Icelandair hub city. In our experience, search engines do not have much success connecting Icelandair flights with domestic US carriers at a reasonable cost.
  • Check dates. A Tuesday departure may cost hundreds of dollars less than a Wednesday one; be sure to check how slight itinerary changes can affect your wallet. Icelandair flies on limited days from all of their hubs, particularly during the off season.
  • Icelandair does not offer free food on their flights from the USA for adults. They have a selection of foods that can be purchased, as well as complimentary beverages and a kids-eat-free policy. All seats do have a personal entertainment center, USB power outlet and lots of leg space. 


Low-cost, no frills carrier offering direct flights to Reykjavík from Boston, D.C. as well as a handful of UK and European locations. Expect to pay extra for luggage!

Additional US cities (L.A. and San Francisco) are slated to open in 2016. 

Wow Air has recently increased the frequency of their flights to Reykjavík and now offers options for most travel dates. Fares range widely but can be as low as 160 USD one-way. Check their website for the latest deals.